Often associated with a cardiological evaluation, this exam allows evaluating the heart rate over a certain period of time, usually 24 hours, but sometimes monitoring for 48 or 72 hours is required.

The test is performed by positioning electrodes on a patient, which are connected to a device where data are recorded in continuum. The test is completely painless, and includes application and removal of electrodes and data recording. A document will be given to the patient with the recorded data together with a report signed by the cardiologist.


An echocardiogram is an exam done by means of Ultrasounds transmitted by a probe positioned on the chest. On a special monitor it is possible to visualize the heart chambers and measure them, evaluate the heart pump function and the state of the heart valves. It is a diagnostic instrument used to identify the principal heart diseases.

For a complete first evaluation, heart examination can be accompanied by a heart echocardiogram and a basic electrocardiogram (ECG). These procedures guarantee an initial level of cardiological screening.

Sports packet

The Center is authorized for sports medicine and the certification of competitive, non-competitive and recreational sports fitness. Heart specialists offer specific advice to anybody practicing professional sport or to anyone wishing to start an activity and in need of a cardiological opinion for safety reasons.


  • electrocardiogram
  • stress test
  • cycle ergometer stress test
  • neurological test
  • specific diagnostics

Cardiological checkup

This procedure is addressed to everyone, both to those suffering from heart diseases, and to those wishing to monitor their heart functionality. Within a single appointment the following are performed:

  • cardiological examination
  • electrocardiogram
  • heart echo color doppler cardiography at rest.