Blue Medical Service

Blue Medical Service

“Prevention includes all the actions aimed at impeding or reducing risk”

The poly-specialistic and physiotherapeutic Center Blue Medical Service is aimed at prevention, as it allows checking a patient’s state of health even before a pathological event occurs, or taking prompt measures as soon as an event has occurred.

Specialistic evaluations, diagnostics, general and specific checkups are the tools for implementing correct preventive measures.

The Center is located near Conegliano, in the municipality of Godega di S. Urbano on the road SS 13 Pontebbana.

Health director dr. Cost’anto Cavarzerani (surgeon).


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Specialist visitsSpecialist visits are carried out in self-employment and under an agreement with the National Health System.

diagnosticsThe diagnostics are divided according to the method of detection of the study element.

PhysiotherapyBlue Medical Service is a state-of-the-art medical-physiotherapy facility in the orthopedic, traumatological and rheumatic functional rehabilitation sector.

Sports medicineIn the center, medical specialists issue certificates of suitability for competitive sports activities and for non-competitive sports activities

Specialist Visits

Professionals come from the hospital, university and private sectors and with modern tools they guarantee an overall standard of the highest.

Specialty Related
Ophthalmology Field of view, Fundus, OCT, Perimetry,
Allergology allergology, Patch test, Prick Test,
Psychology EMDR, Individual Therapy and Group Therapy, Mindfulness, Parenting with Teenagers,
Pneumology Polysomnography,
Senology mammography, ultrasound,
Gastroenterology Endogastroduodenoscopy,
Esthetic Medicine
Neurology electroencephalogram, electromyography,
Urology kidney, prostate, prostate cancer, urology,
Physiatrics acupuncture, Oxygen ozone therapy, posturological and physical analysis, shock waves,
Radiology / Imaging diagnostics diagnostic imaging, Echocolordoppler, mammography, radiology, ultrasound,
Geriatrics Check-up,
Andrology Andrological ultrasound, Andrology,
Orthopedics and traumatology infiltrations,
Otorhinolaryngology or Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT)
Dermatology Nevus Mapping, Patch test,
Angiology Echocolordoppler, sclerosing,
Gynecology and obstetrics Colposcopy, gynecology, Hysteroscopy, Small operations, ultrasound,


“With the use of state-of-the-art equipment, a fundamental prevention service is carried out to reduce any risks of future diseases.”

The diagnostics are divided according to the method of detection of the study element:

Diagnostic imaging

See, to intervene early on any possible form of pathological anomaly.

General diagnostics

Verification and control of the activity and functional reactions of the systems and organs of our body

biological diagnostics and blood chemistry analysis

Chemical and / or cytological analysis of cells in our organism to verify their conformation and composition

Specialty Related
Cytological analyses
Mapping of moles dermatoscopy, mapping, moles,
Prenatal tests
Electrocardiogram cardiology, ECG, electrocardiogram, heart, sports doctor visit, visit,
Echo color doppler
Bone densitometry
Mammography breast, gynecology, mammography, senology,


Movement is the field of application of Physiotherapy, a health discipline, which mainly deals with motor rehabilitation for patients suffering from musculoskeletal or neurological pathologies. In recent years, the profession of physiotherapist has been enriched with skills to the point of achieving ownership and professional autonomy in a team with the specialist doctor (orthopedist or physiatrist).

Physiotherapy is now increasingly concerned with prevention through medical gymnastics courses (Back School, Adapted Physical Activities). The added value is represented by the fact that alongside the physical and physical activity a real evaluation of the person's kinetic potential is carried out by the physiotherapist. All this allows you to adapt physical effort without stressing the musculoskeletal system, while maintaining mobility and physical shape.

Manual Therapies Physical Therapies
Functional evaluation Tecar
Joint mobilizations Shock waves
Postural re-education Laser
Pace training Electrotherapy
Motor re-education Magnetotherapy

Sports Medicine

Moving, running, playing sports has now become a usual and important activity: through sport you keep your physical shape, you feel better, you reduce the risks due to a sedentary life. However, practicing sports is not without risks and can lead to problems which, if not carefully evaluated, can also become of a certain gravity.

Sports medicine deals precisely with this: the prevention and treatment of pathologies associated with sports-type physical activity.

The sports doctor is responsible for assessing the state of health of the person and certifying the suitability for competitive and non-competitive sports. For this reason, it can carry out tests and evaluations to identify any problems related to sport or that may discourage the practice, for example heart problems.

Our sports medicine service works in team with the following services:

  • Analysis laboratory
  • Radiology and ultrasound
  • Orthopedics and physiatry
  • Physiotherapy and rehabilitation
  • Specialist outpatient clinic.

Sports fitness certificates

  • Certificato di idoneità sportiva ludico motoria

    Includes sports doctor history and, if required, an ECG (Electrocardiogram).

  • Certificato di idoneità sportiva NON agonistica

    Includes sports doctor history and resting ECG.

  • Competitive sports fitness certificate

    UNDER 35
    Includes sports doctor history, urine analysis and an exercise ECG.

    OVER 35
    It includes sports doctor history, urinalysis and an exercise ECG (cycle ergometer) as well as other tests if necessary.

  • Certificato di idoneità sportiva per ATTIVITA' AD ALTO IMPATTO VASCOLARE

    UNDER 35
    Includes sports doctor history, urine analysis and an exercise ECG.

    OVER 35
    It includes sports doctor history, urinalysis and an exercise ECG (cycle ergometer) as well as other tests if necessary.