Echo color doppler

Echo color doppler

An echo color doppler (or ECD) is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure, which, through Ultrasound, enables a doctor to visualize the main blood vessels of the body and study the blood flow within them. This technique is capable of providing very precise information on the blood flow within blood vessels.


The technique has revolutionized the diagnostics of vascular and heart diseases, with the possibility of detecting and monitoring over time: arterial stenosis, aneurysms, superficial and deep venous thrombosis, venous insufficiency.

Diagnostic tests done:

  • Complete abdomen ECD
  • abdominal aorta and
  • large abdominal vessels ECD
  • arterial ECD of upper vessels
  • arterial ECD of lower vessels (paid for by the NHS)
  • arterial and venous ECD of the arms and SAT (supraortic trunks)
  • arterial and venous ECD of the legs (paid for by the NHS)
  • cardiological ECD (paid for by the NHS)
  • liver and spleen ECD
  • penis ECD at rest and after pharmacological stimulation
  • kidney ECD
  • ECD of a single organ
  • testicle ECD
  • ECD of supraortic trunks (SAT) (paid for by the NHS)

SAT ECD with angiological evaluation