Oxygen Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy uses a mixture of oxygen and ozone for therapeutic purposes. The aim of the treatment consists essentially in increasing the available amount of oxygen or of its radicals, by introducing ozone into the body through a needle and a specific device.

One of the most widespread applications of ozone therapy  concerns the treatment of lumbar and cervical herniated (slipped) discs. The treatment is based on the injection of a gas mixture of oxygen and ozone in the surrounding area of the back, in order to stimulate a healing process. The treatment requires indicatively ten sessions, each session lasting a few minutes.

After a few weeks, ozone and oxygen induce tissue dehydration, thus eliminating compression on nerve roots and ensuring relief from pain, especially in case of an acute slipped disc.

Ozone therapy has other fields of application in lower back pain, neck pain, hip and knee arthrosis, tendinitis and shoulder periarthritis, epicondylitis.

At Blue Medical Center, the painful component of oxygen-ozone therapy injections is minimized thanks to preventive pain management.

The treatment is administered by specialist doctors.