Senology is the branch of medicine dealing with diseases of the breast. In the past senology was established as a mainly female specialty and was linked to Gynecology. Nowadays, owing to sensitization and screening programs aimed at the early diagnosis of tumors, it involves more and more specialistic branches, from endocrinology to radiology, oncology and pathological anatomy.

It is not a “specialty” acknowledged by a specific school, but in the last 20 years various educational initiatives  have been undertaken to perfection and officialize this specialistic branch, especially in the oncological field.

Radiology / Imaging diagnostics

An interview with dr. Francesconi


Mammography is an X-ray in which the breast is squeezed between two plates, in order to detect the presence of potentially tumoral formations. It is therefore performed when on breast palpation a nodule is present, or when there are other signs requiring an in-depth diagnostic procedure. Mammography is furthermore performed as a screening test to try and discover a breast disease before it becomes manifest.