Group rehabilitation is fundamental, as being aware of pain during adequate movements may keep your functions efficient, retarding the negative effects of time, and improving your strength, flexibility and balance, and helping you to keep a good walking capacity.

A good control of posture and good respiratory training as a moment of proprioceptive self-awareness and relaxation become an excellent motivation for exercising.

Group rehabilitation is person-centered with the following aims:

  1. Psycho-social by consolidating self-trust and trust in personal resources; it promotes communication with others through movement; it stimulates attention and memory.
  2. Psycho-motor: in promoting a new body image; spatiotemporal organization is exercised, improving balance, coordination and posture.
  3. Physiological: in order for movement to be efficient it is necessary to increase the strength of the main muscular groups, improving global stabilization capacity, maintaining or increasing joint motility, muscular elasticity and stamina in everyday life.