The heart is the most important organ of our body. Thanks to the heart, oxygen is transmitted throughout our body and enables us to breath and in one word: to live. Cardiology deals with this tireless muscle, which in a lifespan beats an average of 3 billion times, by means of prevention, diagnosis and, when necessary, therapy.

A cardiological examination is the first contact or the continuation of a diagnostic or therapeutic procedure and represents the essential basis for the diagnosis and treatment of a cardiological issue. The doctor listens to the patient and then examines him. A cardiological evaluation is usually completed by performing an electrocardiogram.

A cardiological examination is fundamental for the diagnosis and treatment of the main heart diseases among which: hypertension, ischemic cardiopathy, heart failure, cardiomyopathies, heart valve diseases or patients with valve prostheses. Furthermore, patients who do not have known diseases are referred to outpatient heart clinics, because they need the cardiologist’s opinion for symptoms such as: chest pain, exertion or at rest breathlessness (dyspnea),  fainting (syncope) or dizziness, palpitations or asthenia.


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Often associated with a cardiological evaluation, this exam allows evaluating the heart rate over a certain period of time, usually 24 hours, but sometimes monitoring for 48 or 72 hours is required. The test is performed by positioning electrodes on a patient, which are connected to a device where data are recorded in continuum. The […]


An echocardiogram is an exam done by means of Ultrasounds transmitted by a probe positioned on the chest. On a special monitor it is possible to visualize the heart chambers and measure them, evaluate the heart pump function and the state of the heart valves. It is a diagnostic instrument used to identify the principal […]

Sports packet

The Center is authorized for sports medicine and the certification of competitive, non-competitive and recreational sports fitness. Heart specialists offer specific advice to anybody practicing professional sport or to anyone wishing to start an activity and in need of a cardiological opinion for safety reasons. Diagnostics: electrocardiogram stress test cycle ergometer stress test neurological test […]

Cardiological checkup

This procedure is addressed to everyone, both to those suffering from heart diseases, and to those wishing to monitor their heart functionality. Within a single appointment the following are performed: cardiological examination electrocardiogram heart echo color doppler cardiography at rest.


“by means of physical examination and, when necessary, a few non-invasive diagnostic tests, it is possible to monitor the state of our heart” cardiological examination with electrocardiogram heart echo color doppler Holter (ECG monitoring for 24 hours) Appointments may be booked almost every day of the week; for specific information please call the front desk […]