Physiatrics deals with the recovery or treatment of the outcomes of various types of diseases: traumatological, orthopedic, rheumatological, neurological, ENT, respiratory, urological, cardiological, dermatological, angiological.


physiatric examination
oxygen ozone therapy
shock waves

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Dott. Francesca Gattinoni
Dott. Giuseppe Dal Mistro

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Oxygen Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy uses a mixture of oxygen and ozone for therapeutic purposes. The aim of the treatment consists essentially in increasing the available amount of oxygen or of its radicals, by introducing ozone into the body through a needle and a specific device. One of the most widespread applications of ozone therapy  concerns the treatment […]

Perineal rehabilitation

In the physical therapy outpatient clinic, specific manual and physical treatments are given for perineal rehabilitation. Nowadays, patients, especially women, are not obliged anymore to choose between resignation or surgery when facing issues such as urinary incontinence or prolapses. Today, so-called “conserving” methods are available, which are very effective and above all capable of avoiding […]