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The REHABILITATION AND FIBROMYALGIA service is active at Blue Medical Center for the treatment and rehabilitation of chronic pain, fibromyalgia, incontinence and constipation. The doctor in charge is dr. Francesca Gattinoni.  The perineal rehabilitation clinic is active. It deals with: rehabilitation in chronic pain and fibromyalgia; pelvic disorders (incontinence, constipation, chronic pelvic pain) A specific […]


The following are available: eye examination, visual field, perimetry, orthoptic assessment, OCT (ocular computed tomography), instrumental diagnostics, which are also paid for by the National Health System. An interview with dr. Roberto Spolaore


Blue Medical Service is a state-of-the-art medical-physiotherapy facility in the orthopedic, traumatological and rheumatic functional rehabilitation sector. The Center makes use of sophisticated technologies and qualified personnel in continuous training, able to provide the most modern rehabilitation techniques for orthopedic and post-traumatic pathologies. The collaboration and trust of specialists in the orthopedic and trauma fields […]


What is allergy? Allergy is an exaggerated response of an individual towards allergens (foreign substances) that are present in the environment where we live, such as: pollens, molds, insects, or towards substances that we introduce with food (food allergens). The symptoms of allergy are various: sneezing, burning eyes, nose itchiness…. There are various types of […]


Psychiatry is the specialistic branch of medicine dealing with the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of mental disorders from a theoretic and practical point of view. Psychiatry may be defined as a “discipline of synthesis”, since pursuing and maintaining mental health, which is the main aim of psychiatry, is obtained by taking into consideration various fields: […]


Psychology is the science studying psychic and mental processes, in their conscious and subconscious components, by means of a scientific method and/or based on an intrapersonal subjective perspective. Said study, therefore, deals with a patient’s intrapsychic processes, with individual and group human behavior, and with the relationships between the patient and his/her environment. Psychology differentiates […]


Diabetology deals with the diagnosis and management of diabetes.    Diabetes mellitus is a condition characterized by a chronically high level of blood glucose (hyperglycemia), caused by a deficit in secretion or activity of insulin, or more often of both. Furthermore, diabetes is an insidious and poorly symptomatic disease, which often becomes manifest only late. […]


Senology is the branch of medicine dealing with diseases of the breast. In the past senology was established as a mainly female specialty and was linked to Gynecology. Nowadays, owing to sensitization and screening programs aimed at the early diagnosis of tumors, it involves more and more specialistic branches, from endocrinology to radiology, oncology and […]

Cytological analyses

This test examines a sample of any biological liquid or tissue, to verify whether it contains abnormal cells. Cytological analyses comprise: swabs, PAP test, histological samples, HPV test, etc.…

Medical Posturology

Posturology is a relatively recent branch of complementary medicine; it is aimed at studying the human being globally. In the determination of the posture that a patient adopts, numerous structural factors are involved, but great importance is given to metabolic and especially psychic factors. Therefore, in the study of posture these non-instrumental factors cannot be […]

Mapping of moles

Mapping of moles consists in acquiring on a computer both macroscopic and dermoscopic images of moles. Dermoscopic images are acquired with an appropriate camera equipped with a lens that is applied on each nevus to collect images that are not visible to the naked eye. Mapping of moles is aimed at evaluating changes in the […]

Aneurysm or steno obstruction of the abdominal aorta

An aneurysm of the abdominal aorta is a permanent distention of the aorta in its abdominal tract, which tends to be progressive under the action of blood pressure, and is due to a weakening of the arterial wall. Within it a thrombus may form, which can detach and be transported by the blood flow and […]

Gynecological prevention

Periodic follow-ups are the best form of prevention: in this sense BLUE MEDICAL CENTER proposes a gynecological prevention plan designed by its specialists.


Electromyography (also called EMG) is a diagnostic test useful in diagnosing nerve diseases (e.g. neuropathies) and muscle diseases (e.g. myopathies). By the term “electromyography” in general we intend both  “nerve conduction speed” or “electroneurography” (ENG) and the true and proper electromyography (“needle” EMG). For the diagnosis of which diseases is electromyography useful? Carpal tunnel syndrome […]


Optical computed tomography (OCT) or optical coherence tomography, is a non-invasive diagnostic exam which allows obtaining scansions of the cornea and retina for the diagnosis and follow-up of numerous corneal and retinoic diseases, and for the preoperative diagnosis and postoperative follow-up of most eye diseases needing surgery. What is optical computed tomography (OCT)? It is […]

Prenatal tests

An innovation in prenatal screening: starting from the 10th week of pregnancy, with a normal blood sample taken from the mother for analyzing fetal DNA, it is possible to diagnose Trisomy 21, 18, 13 and chromosome aneuploidy. The information that the Prenatal test can provide concerns the risk of Trisomy 21, 18, 13 by measuring […]


The Urology outpatient clinic deals with the diagnosis and treatment of male and female disorders of the urinary system (kidneys, ureters, bladder), and with disorders of the male reproductive system. It is also possible to perform the following types of surgery: Circumcision Frenectomy/Frenuloplasty Removal of genital warts    


Most people, although they have experienced, temporarily or for long, how difficult it is to have good sleep, are too often unaware of the importance of nocturnal sleep and ignore the existence and consequences of the most important sleep disorders: INSOMNIA, NARCOLEPSY, SNORING, OBSTRUCTIVE SLEEP APNEA SYNDROME (OSAS), RESTLESS LEGS SYNDROME, CIRCADIAN RHYTHM DISORDERS, JET […]


A painless test that allows analyzing heart frequency by reading electric impulses. A basic electrocardiogram (ECG) is done while the patient is lying on a medical bed, a stress ECG needs physical activity to be done (either on a treadmill or on specific medical steps). This test is necessary not only for routine follow-ups but […]


An ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAM (EEG) is a diagnostic test which, by means of electrodes positioned on the scalp, measures brain electrical activity and reproduces it on a monitor, in the shape of a series of waves with various frequencies. An electroencephalogram is a painless test, with no side effects, which can be done at any age. Besides […]


Physiatrics deals with the recovery or treatment of the outcomes of various types of diseases: traumatological, orthopedic, rheumatological, neurological, ENT, respiratory, urological, cardiological, dermatological, angiological.

Echo color doppler

An echo color doppler (or ECD) is a non-invasive diagnostic procedure, which, through Ultrasound, enables a doctor to visualize the main blood vessels of the body and study the blood flow within them. This technique is capable of providing very precise information on the blood flow within blood vessels.   The technique has revolutionized the […]

Bone densitometry

Bone densitometry is a technique used to diagnose osteoporosis. This exam enables a doctor to measure the exact content of calcium in the bones. The exam is done using a DEXA method, with which it is possible to evaluate the degree of mineralization of the bones of the lumbar spine, the femur, the wrist, the […]

Vascular surgery

Ligation and stripping of varicose veins of the legs Phlebectomy Saphenectomy

Ophthalmological surgery

Cataract surgery Insertion of an artificial lens for refraction Correction of eyelid retraction Eyelid reconstruction Removal of an artificial lens PRK excimer laser technique

Urological surgery

Vasectomy Circumcision Diathermocoagulation of genital warts Exeresis of scrotal and penis skin lesions

Esthetic surgery

Body esthetic surgery: Liposuction – liposculpture Water liposuction Abdominoplasty Gluteoplasty Inner thigh lift Arm lift Facial esthetic surgery: Rhinoplasty Blepharoplasty Otoplasty Facelift Mentoplasty (chin surgery)


Endocrinology is the branch of medicine dealing with the study of glands of internal secretion and of hormones in relation to their nature, production and action. Glands of internal secretion are those that release their secretive product (typically but not necessarily a hormone) into circulating fluids: thyroid, parathyroid, hypophysis, epiphysis, thyme, adrenal glands, endocrine pancreas, […]


Andrology is typically a multidisciplinary science, involving urological, endocrinological and dermatological fields, and not only does it deal with sexual dysfunctions and infertility, but it is also a valid help in the field of prevention, by improving the patient’s lifestyle and correcting behavioral errors that may compromise sexual health. An andrological evaluation is aimed at […]

Oxygen Ozone Therapy

Physiatrics and Pain management outpatient clinics  Doctors in charge: dr. Giuseppe Dal Mistro, dr. Cost’Anto Cavarzerani Ozone therapy has been used for antalgic purposes from the beginning of the century. It has been experimented in various ways, and, even though in certain disorders it has achieved unexpected therapeutic results, very many physicians still have prejudices […]

Oxygen Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy uses a mixture of oxygen and ozone for therapeutic purposes. The aim of the treatment consists essentially in increasing the available amount of oxygen or of its radicals, by introducing ozone into the body through a needle and a specific device. One of the most widespread applications of ozone therapy  concerns the treatment […]


Mesotherapy consists of intradermic injections of medications, including homeopathic ones, in certain districts of the body.  With very thin needles small quantities of a medication are injected into the derma corresponding to the skin projection of an organ, or part of an organ, which is affected by a pathological process. Since absorption of a medication […]


In the medical field, in particular orthopedic, infiltrations are defined as injections of medications (such as, for example, hyaluronic acid, local anesthetics, cortisone, etc.) or biological solutions (such as, for example, platelet growth factors or staminal cells). In the orthopedic field, we can distinguish the following types of infiltrations: articular (joint) injections peri-articular injections. In […]

Orthopedics and traumatology

Disorders treated: shoulder problems: subacromial impingement syndrome, rotator cuff lesions, shoulder instability, shoulder dislocation, arthrosis knee problems: arthrosis, meniscus lesions, cartilage lesions, anterior cruciate ligament problems, patellar femoral syndrome hip problems: arthrosis hand problems: carpal tunnel syndrome foot problems: hallux valgus (bunion) fractures

Otorhinolaryngology or Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT)

An ENT evaluation is a medical examination which has the aim of detecting diseases of the ear, nose and throat and other organs of the head and neck district. A physical examination evaluates the state of health of these complex organs which, although well distinct one from the other, are often functionally correlated and may […]


A dermatological evaluation is a specialistic evaluation which allows checking – in a non-invasive and painless manner – your skin’s state of health, diagnosing any diseases or monitoring previously diagnosed disorders for which the patient is being treated. All skin disorders can be examined with a dermatological evaluation, and namely nevus anomalies, skin eruptions, the […]


Vascular problems (distension and narrowing) affect arteries and veins of the whole body. These issues, when concerning the arteries, are known as arteriopathies and can develop progressively but without any particular symptoms. Therefore, the issue will be detected only when it is already in an advanced stage. Specialistic evaluation and aimed tests allow diagnosing the […]


Mammography is an X-ray in which the breast is squeezed between two plates, in order to detect the presence of potentially tumoral formations. It is therefore performed when on breast palpation a nodule is present, or when there are other signs requiring an in-depth diagnostic procedure. Mammography is furthermore performed as a screening test to try […]

Breast echography (Ultrasound)

Breast echography is a simple and safe investigation based on the emission of high-intensity and low-frequency Ultrasounds which do not cause any harm to the body. The probe is in contact with the breasts, which are covered with a thin film of watery gel giving better quality images. The ultrasounds emitted by the probe are […]


Often associated with a cardiological evaluation, this exam allows evaluating the heart rate over a certain period of time, usually 24 hours, but sometimes monitoring for 48 or 72 hours is required. The test is performed by positioning electrodes on a patient, which are connected to a device where data are recorded in continuum. The […]


An echocardiogram is an exam done by means of Ultrasounds transmitted by a probe positioned on the chest. On a special monitor it is possible to visualize the heart chambers and measure them, evaluate the heart pump function and the state of the heart valves. It is a diagnostic instrument used to identify the principal […]

Sports packet

The Center is authorized for sports medicine and the certification of competitive, non-competitive and recreational sports fitness. Heart specialists offer specific advice to anybody practicing professional sport or to anyone wishing to start an activity and in need of a cardiological opinion for safety reasons. Diagnostics: electrocardiogram stress test cycle ergometer stress test neurological test […]

Cardiological checkup

This procedure is addressed to everyone, both to those suffering from heart diseases, and to those wishing to monitor their heart functionality. Within a single appointment the following are performed: cardiological examination electrocardiogram heart echo color doppler cardiography at rest.

Gynecology and obstetrics

Gynecology and Obstetrics are the two clinical specialties dealing with: a woman’s health (Gynecology), a woman’s health and that of her baby until childbirth (Obstetrics). In our facility the following diagnostic and preventive procedures are performed: an obstetrical evaluation a gynecological evaluation Besides the following instrumental/diagnostic tests: Obstetrical echography Morphological echography Biometrical echography


The heart is the most important organ of our body. Thanks to the heart, oxygen is transmitted throughout our body and enables us to breath and in one word: to live. Cardiology deals with this tireless muscle, which in a lifespan beats an average of 3 billion times, by means of prevention, diagnosis and, when […]


“by means of physical examination and, when necessary, a few non-invasive diagnostic tests, it is possible to monitor the state of our heart” cardiological examination with electrocardiogram heart echo color doppler Holter (ECG monitoring for 24 hours) Appointments may be booked almost every day of the week; for specific information please call the front desk […]


Group rehabilitation is fundamental, as being aware of pain during adequate movements may keep your functions efficient, retarding the negative effects of time, and improving your strength, flexibility and balance, and helping you to keep a good walking capacity. A good control of posture and good respiratory training as a moment of proprioceptive self-awareness and […]


Occupational medicine is the branch of medicine that deals with safeguarding the health and safety of workers in the work environment. Traditionally it deals with: evaluating the effects on health of chemical, physical and biological agents to which workers are exposed; the psychophysical impact that the work environment may have on a subject.

SARS-Cov-2 serological test

Blue Medical Center performs a qualitative serological test, certified CE-IVD, for the search of IgG and IgM immunoglobulins, useful in identifying the presence of SARS-CoV-2 antibodies (Covid 19). With a sample of venous blood it is possible to verify whether a patient has come into contact with the virus. In case of positivity, it is […]

Thoraco-pulmonary echography (Ultrasound scan)

BREATH CLINIC- THORACO-PULMONARY ECHOGRAPHY A thoraco-pulmonary echography is one of the diagnostic tests included in the procedure concerning “the study of breath”. This diagnostic test is scheduled together with other tests and always after a lung or ENT evaluation, in cases of dyspnea that may be caused by: chronic diseases pneumonia follow-ups (slowly resolving pneumonia) […]

Stress urinary incontinence

The kidneys filter the blood and produce urine: the latter is conducted by the ureters into the bladder and from here, through the urethra, to the outside with micturition. The bladder works as a reservoir that collects and keeps urine. If the bladder didn’t exist, urine would flow outside continuously since its production is continuous […]

Perineal rehabilitation

In the physical therapy outpatient clinic, specific manual and physical treatments are given for perineal rehabilitation. Nowadays, patients, especially women, are not obliged anymore to choose between resignation or surgery when facing issues such as urinary incontinence or prolapses. Today, so-called “conserving” methods are available, which are very effective and above all capable of avoiding […]

Joint Magnetic Resonance

The new department of Diagnostic Radiology at Blue Medical Center has been active since the 1st of December 2020. The new device ESAOTE O-Scan allows performing the exam in a fast and accurate way, similarly to high field resonance, and above all with patient’s comfort thanks to its open ergonomics. Esaote dynamic Magnetic Resonance is […]

Traditional Diagnostic Radiology

The new department of Diagnostic Radiology at Blue Medical Center has been open since the 1st of January 2020. The new apparatus Esaote DR M40-1A is very light, easy to work and of limited overall size. It offers quality imaging thanks to its high nominal power independently from the volume of the body being examined. […]

SARS-Cov-2 IgG antibody test

Information about the SARS-Cov-2 IgG antibody test 🔵🔵🔵 At BLUE MEDICAL CENTER it is possible to have a blood sample taken for the SARS-Cov-2 IgG II Quant test, the second generation quantitative serological test. With a venous blood sample, it is possible to evaluate a person’s immune state by quantitatively verifying their IgG antibodies (the […]

Rapid tampon

The result will be delivered within about 15 minutes and the data for obtaining the GREEN PASS will be sent. The clinics are open every day including Saturdays, reservations can be made via the web.